Well it is “for the glory”. You don’t just visit for the show, you’re in it.

Says the poster with a Bob Ross avatar.

Manslaughter is a kind of homicide.Homicide is a broad term for the unlawful killing of another person.

That’s the only proof required to refute the flat earthers.

But not fun.

Actually, the earth bulges at the equator, which makes the planet appear slightly oval.

As has been said many times before, if the earth really was flat then cats would have pushed everything over the edge by now.

Seeing these on St. John’s wort in Kettenpom. Iridescent gold, green, blue, depending on each individual.

I crossed H and I today as a pedestrian. I felt safer crossing two traffic lanes rather than three. That’s a win for the new design.

Very pretty.

that’s locust street in garberville ca

so there’s a drone flying above locust street which is a residential area and I’m wondering if that’s not violating privacy rights and I have photos

Excellent, I missed this story earlier I guess.

When I first moved to Crescent City area I went for a trim and the gal cutting my hair started talking about Agenda 21 (not positive on the #) and …

Once in an Uber. Only time I didn’t tip was after I was captive audience to a 10 minute lecture about NASA hoax etc.

No where, not interested.

Only online.

It is, thanks! I think I commented before they got everyone up there.

Right, my original response was about flat earth proponents who make videos of elaborate experiments to “prove” their model, but they don’t really have a “model” as such since they …

That’s southeast Asian; south Asian is basically the Indian subcontinent.

Trolling the pollsters. Yeah, sounds about right.

More power to the nerds that have the necessary creative, mechanical, and physical skills to put together these people-powered sculptures!

It’s whimsical and daydreamy. To me.https://uploads.disquscdn.c…

We are talking at cross-purposes because I was speaking of the ACTUAL spheroidal planet, not one that is flat.

I’m unaware of any comprehensive physical model of a flat earth that can calculate the various observable phenomena, past and present (i.e., sunrise and sunset at every GPS coordinate on …

Yesterday morning 5/26, I was traveling on Walnut, residential area of Eureka, going the speed limit. A white Tesla is suddenly behind me riding my bumper. At a high rate …

Bunch of nerds

Climate change is a hoax, the election was stolen from Cheeto Mussolini, vaccines have microchips, the pandemic was a government conspiracy or a Chinese attack, hospitals made money from Covid ……

The Internet is a nonstop feed of information, and disinformation.

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