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now no one will be able to see what it looked like, the owner of scrub deprived us of this art.

That is amazing Kirk!

Regarding the first two negative comments under two different names, the style of the writing is suspiciously similar. I sense shenanigans, and I bet that his name is Fred Fletcher.

I despise mobs.

“our ugly city”? Gee, thanks.

Yes, he sounds like he’s brimming with good will.

Doesn’t sound easy. No good words for what you’re going through except I’m sorry that you are. I hope you are accompanied.So, after 2pm Friday, then what?Are you being admitted …


You sound pretty nasty yourself.

I think it’s cute and colorful. Oh, well.

Later on has arrived…Thanks for your concern, always.I’ve got severe stenosis of the left aortic valve, which is congenitally malformed—-bicuspid rather than tri-leafed. It was a matter of time.Stanford on …

Not sure if you paid attention to which High school they are from, NPA, ranked in the top schools in the nation. Those kids will school any of us on …

Wow what a vile ignorant bitch

Mercer-Fraser’s Riverfront Refinery Projects Sundberg taking credit for convincing Zabel to withdraw the Mercer Fraser refinery is akin to taking credit for putting out a fire that he helped start. …

Regarding the Trinidad InterchangeThe CalTrans-Trinidad Rancheria’s preliminary documents make it clear that their preferred option is a new $30-40 million interchange off 101 to the Casino and proposed Hotel and …

good to have you here : }…

The only thing Sundberg is good for is lining his & his Cronies pockets at the expense of all others!!!

afternoon or morning or wth ever time of day it is I can’t tell w/o looking at my watch & my fingers & hand are busy right now!!!

Good day to you Don.

Me 3!!! ;-D

Sorry it’s from Facebook!!;-[[……

No sense of adventure or humor!!! ;op

It’s more than likely something totally useless, such as a CDL!!!

Greetings, salivations & alla that sh_tuff hope everyone is doing reasonably well despite the 3rd day in a row of NO SUN!!! I thought this was s’posed to be Spring …

Horrors NO!!! Talk about your basic fate worse than death!! Sorta like tRump’s presidency!!!

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