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Was that a kid’s book? I see a movie on youtube… It’s not familiar to me. It looks sad. I don’t know how much more sad I can take.

Our generations read way more.

Poor Ishi!

Oh yeees.

Usually the last syllable has the emphasis from the small amount I know about what should have been my first language.

You posted another link to an artist once before and I ended up down an Alaskan art rabbit hole for hours!It is beautiful.

OMG… I’d love that!Poor guy. Did you get a chance to talk to his teacher?

I might have to hold the book for a year or two. I couldn’t remember when I read it. I thought we were younger!

Thank you.Emphasis/stress on which syllable?


It makes sense. My grandson told me his hair stood up when they kept saying aloot and nobody would listen to him. We spent a whole day at the Alutiiq …

He’ll end up doing fine. It’s good he stands up for himself (and you). What grade?

The top shows a headpiece. The others are a mans hat, then a womans hat.

My poor grandbaby. lol

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That’s how I always pronounced it. I’m surprised as heck to find out the rest of the world isn’t doing it right! lol

Don’t ask me why!

Three syllables. That’s the way I always pronounced it.

I think this was the book that sparked my love of reading.


It’s all good. He is an empowered young man. I told him be respectful and let the grown ups deal with it. He’s having a hard time with this teacher.

I knew that was wrong when I posted it. :DMurphy’s Law

I have no idea.Al -e- ute is how I always explain it.

Are you listening to the dude’s story? The workers have had their staff cut. Duhhhh, Perhaps that’s a reason that night staff seemed less effective than day? The state does …

P.S. Forgot to add that Mr. Katyal was an acting solicitor general in the Obama administration.

Being the third child of “gifted” siblings, I was kind of written off as “just” being normal. When I discovered this book I came alive, academically. A good book can …

That and the story of Ishi.

Do you know if there’s a website that has the correct pronunciation written phonetically or better yet an actual spoken recordng?

Me, too.

My favorite book EVER! I read it to both of my boys. It made such a huge impact on me as a young girl.

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