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Thursday, Oct. 17

The Guardian: Banks warned over Saudi Aramco by environmental groups

The Guardian: What happens when you try all the CBD products you can find?

Wednesday, Oct. 16

Pro Publica: Never-Before-Seen Trump Tax Documents Show Major Inconsistencies

Fox News: Marijuana producer destroying $58M of pot

Sacramento Bee: FBI investigating whether Sacramento pot businesses paid bribes to public officials

NY Times: Fed Up With Deaths, Native Americans Want to Run Their Own Health Care

NY Times: China Is Leasing an Entire Pacific Island. Its Residents Are Shocked.

The Guardian: 'Work or go to jail': how LA courts force thousands to do unpaid labor

Tuesday, Oct. 15

NY Times: What Are We Supposed to Think About Shrimp?

NY Times: Forest Service Backs an End to Limits on Roads in Alaska’s Tongass Forest

The Oregonian: Tribes call for removal of Bonneville, and other dams, along Columbia River

San Jose Mercury: East Bay water district considers buying giant cattle ranch that straddles four counties

San Jose Mercury: Defendant in ‘world’s largest’ Native American jewelry forgery case arrested in Bay Area

The Guardian: 'The smell will knock you off your feet': mass mussel die-offs baffle scientists

Monday, Oct. 14

NY Times: Fly Fishing Is the New Bird-Watching

NY Times: Man Brings Body to Mt. Shasta Police and Says He Also Killed 3 Others

The Guardian: Native American canoes circle Alcatraz to honor 50 years since occupation

LA Times: California finds widespread water contamination of ‘forever chemicals’

Sunday, Oct. 13

ABC News: Video shows smoking garbage truck that dumped burning trash, sparking deadly Sandalwood Fire

NY Times: Johnson & Johnson Hit With $8 Billion Jury Verdict in Risperdal Suit

LA Times: The Times’ investigation into how companies that harvest body parts upend death investigations

LA Times: Electrical tower investigated as possible ignition point of Saddleridge fire

Press Democrat: Santa Rosa driver found with 68 pounds of pot in gift-wrapped boxes arrested

Saturday, Oct. 12

CBS News : Active agent in magic mushrooms could treat addiction, depression and anxiety

The Guardian: Typhoon Hagibis: death toll rises in Japan as ‘worst storm in 60 years’ roars through

CBS News : 1 dead, 3 missing, 18 hurt after Hard Rock Hotel collapses in New Orleans

Politico: Trump doesn't inhale, but the cannabis industry is betting his supporters do

The Guardian: World's top three asset managers oversee $300bn fossil fuel investments

The Guardian: California power shutoffs: when your public utility is owned by private investors

NY Times: A Spice Company Spent $92,000 on Pro-Impeachment Facebook Ads in a Week

Washington Post: A judge calls Betsy DeVos to account

Washington Post: Retrofitting busy highways to let wildlife travel safely, too

Washington Post: Japan advises 8 million people to evacuate homes as Typhoon Hagibis drenches Tokyo

Huffington Post: U.S. Public Lands Chief Says His Positions On Climate, Immigrants Don’t Matter

Forbes: 2,986 viewsOct 11, 2019, 03:31pm Top Cannabis Companies Have Lost Almost $10 Billion In Market Value Since Vaping Crisis Began


LA Times: Californians will be banned from smoking at state parks and beaches under new law

Marin Independent Journal: Elaborate homeless hideaway discovered in San Rafael

Sacramento Bee: Native American boys suspended more than other students in Sacramento area, state, report says

Press Democrat: Mammoth tooth found at Tomales Bay a relic of area’s ancient past

SF Chronicle: Legendary mountain biker dies in Mexico crash

Friday, Oct. 11

CNN: It's only $4.99. But Costco's rotisserie chicken comes at a huge price

Time: Ghost Forests Are Visceral Examples of the Advance of Climate Change

LA Times: California’s new transparency law shows staggering rise in wholesale drug prices

The Guardian: Breaking up with my Juul: why quitting vaping is harder than quitting cigarettes

Huffington Post: 400 Richest U.S. Families Paid Lower Tax Rate Than Working Class, Study Finds

The Atlantic: Why You Never See Your Friends Anymore

The Hill: South Carolina OKs Google pumping drinking water to cool servers

Washington Post: The California dream is over. What comes next?

NY Times: For the Most Vulnerable, California Blackouts ‘Can Be Life or Death’

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