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The Guardian: Drugs alone won't fix our epidemic of depression

The Guardian: Second chances: how ex-convicts are lighting up the cannabis industry

Wednesday, July 18

The Guardian: Sinking land, poisoned water: the dark side of California's mega farms

LA Times: UC regents to vote on first tuition decrease in nearly 20 years

LA Times: Five years after a massive fire near Yosemite, political 'miracle' erodes as Trump demands more logging

Monday, July 16

LA Times: They worked at Apple, Amazon and Lyft. Now they're working to get you stoned

Medium: A New Cannabis-Based Epilepsy Drug Is Going to Change Lives

Seattle Times: Emboldened by Trump, Proud Boys’ confrontations raise concerns in the Northwest

Daily Beast: HHS Plans to Delete 20 Years of Critical Medical Guidelines Next Week

Press Democrat: Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese opens $7.8 million plant in Petaluma

SF Chronicle: Deadly Yosemite fire grows to 4,310 acres, evacuations ordered

Sunday, July 15

Huffington Post: Massive Rogue Iceberg Threatens Greenland Community

Press Democrat: LeBaron: Great Redwood Trail would be 300-mile-long wonderland

Saturday, July 14

Daily Beast: FAA Gives the OK for Airlines to Jam You Into Dangerously Small Coach Seats

The Guardian: The inconvenient truth about cancer and mobile phones

Friday, July 13

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Meth, ‘the Devil’s drug,’ is back and killing more people than ever

The Atlantic: ‘Find Your Passion’ Is Awful Advice

Washington Post: Abuse, neglect and a system that failed: The tragic lives of the Hart children

Seattle Times: Meet the puffins who return to Cannon Beach every spring

Huffington Post: Why Those Compostable Straws May Not Be As Green As You Think

Huffington Post: Ireland Is Set To Be The First Country In The World To Ditch Fossil Fuel Investments

SF Chronicle: Santa Cruz neighbors vow to fight public access to gated beach

SF Chronicle: New cruise to take tourists down California coastline

Thursday, July 12

Washington Post: As seas rise, California will face a terrible choice: Save public beaches or the cliff-side homes that sit atop them?

Washington Post: A mysterious disease is killing millions of bats. These scientists are trying to save them.

Wednesday, July 11

NY Times: Nights Are Warming Faster Than Days. Here’s Why That’s Dangerous.

NY Times: A Restaurant Takes On the Opioid Crisis, One Worker at a Time

NY Times: As Migrant Families Are Reunited, Some Children Don’t Recognize Their Mothers

The Guardian: 'There's a lot of negative energy': Damian Marley on weed, politics and his father's exploited image

San Jose Mercury: Federal investigators launch probe into Southern California mail carrier’s death on 117-degree day

Press Democrat: County declares emergency on homelessness, bracing for more

Press Democrat: Campers lining Santa Rosa street spur homeless debate

Washington Post: She cut her weekly trash down so much it fits in a tiny jar. Here are her tips.

LA Times: To save the world's rarest marine mammal, conservationists seek ban on Mexican seafood imports

Tuesday, July 10

The Oregonian: President Trump pardons Oregon ranchers whose plight led to refuge occupation

NBC: Seattle seniors choosing cannabis over opioids for pain

Forbes: Burned-Out Doctors Make Twice as Many Errors. The Business World Could Offer a Solution

NY Times: How to Meet Your Body’s Water Needs

NY Times: Orcas of the Pacific Northwest Are Starving and Disappearing

The Guardian: The staggering rise of India’s super-rich

The Guardian: Monsanto 'bullied scientists' and hid weedkiller cancer risk, lawyer tells court

The Guardian: Toronto: chief medical officer calls for decriminalisation of all drugs

Washington Post: India is no longer home to the largest number of poor people in the world. Nigeria is.

Washington Post: Anatomy of a Trump rally: 76 percent of claims are false, misleading or lacking evidence

CNN: This California town will give a $500 monthly stipend to residents

SF Chronicle: Grant Fire beaten back, Klamathon keeps growing

Monday, July 9

Washington Post: How to break your plastic, foil and paper addiction in the kitchen

The Intercept: A ‘Reckless’ Fracking Company, Poisoned Springs, and a Family Forced to Buy Water at Walmart

The Guardian: China revealed as source of illegal ozone-killing emissions

The Guardian: Why America’s cheese capital is at the center of trade war

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