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Tuesday, July 10

NBC: Seattle seniors choosing cannabis over opioids for pain

Forbes: Burned-Out Doctors Make Twice as Many Errors. The Business World Could Offer a Solution

NY Times: How to Meet Your Body’s Water Needs

NY Times: Orcas of the Pacific Northwest Are Starving and Disappearing

The Guardian: The staggering rise of India’s super-rich

The Guardian: Monsanto 'bullied scientists' and hid weedkiller cancer risk, lawyer tells court

The Guardian: Toronto: chief medical officer calls for decriminalisation of all drugs

Washington Post: India is no longer home to the largest number of poor people in the world. Nigeria is.

Washington Post: Anatomy of a Trump rally: 76 percent of claims are false, misleading or lacking evidence

CNN: This California town will give a $500 monthly stipend to residents

SF Chronicle: Grant Fire beaten back, Klamathon keeps growing

Monday, July 9

Washington Post: How to break your plastic, foil and paper addiction in the kitchen

The Intercept: A ‘Reckless’ Fracking Company, Poisoned Springs, and a Family Forced to Buy Water at Walmart

The Guardian: China revealed as source of illegal ozone-killing emissions

The Guardian: Why America’s cheese capital is at the center of trade war

Press Democrat: County fire tops 90,000 acres

LA Times: Environmentally minded Californians love to recycle — but it's no longer doing any good

LA Times: A beach behind lock and key is turning into a fight over social justice in California

Sunday, July 8

SF Chronicle: Klamathon blaze crosses Oregon border amid fierce start to fire season

Slate: Living With Lyme What it’s like to be sick when no one believes you.

NY Times: Seriously, Juice Is Not Healthy

NY Times: U.S. Opposition to Breast-Feeding Resolution Stuns World Health Officials

NY Times: Most Nursing Homes Have Overstated Staffing for Years

LA Times: Another night of terror and calamity for Santa Barbara County as new destructive fire sweeps through

Sacramento Bee: Climate Change: Glacier park may outgrow its name in about a dozen years

Sacramento Bee: A record 2.45 billion-pound almond harvest could be hurt with Chinese tariffs

Sacramento Bee: This man cost Sacramento County more in one year than any other homeless person

Press Democrat: Cannabis company raises $22 million to expand Mendocino County site

Press Democrat: Rohnert Park’s decorated ‘dope cop’ earned notorious rap on highway

SF Chronicle: Klamathon blaze doubles in size

SF Chronicle: 20 structures destroyed by wildfire near Santa Barbara

Saturday, July 7

Washington Post: Food Show: 10 foods you’ll soon be seeing everywhere

LA Times: The roiled solar power market shows how Trump's tariffs can disrupt an industry

Friday, July 6

UK Independent: Colorado: 21 people treated for rabies exposure after woman rescues abandoned baby raccoon

The Hill: Federal court rules against drone hobbyist, sets stage for regulations

The Guardian: Tensions rise as US border agents stop Canadian fishermen in disputed waters off Maine

LA Times: SoCal temperatures break records: LA 108, Death Valley 123

Politico: EPA blocks warnings on cancer-causing formaldehyde

Redding Searchlight: UPDATE: Klamathon Fire grows to 8,000 acres, I-5 re-opens

NY Times: $650 a night: The Rise of the Stressed-Out Urban Camper

EastBay Times: Marijuana festivals, and businesses that benefit from them, are hurting now that cannabis is legal in California

SF Chronicle: Top 10 campsites in Humboldt County

The Guardian: Syrian seeds could save US wheat from climate menace

The Guardian: 'This is unprecedented': right whale forces Canadian island to ban fishing


Esquire: How Bootleg Grateful Dead Tees Became a Legitimate Style Flex

Huffington Post: Ocean Agency Suggests Opening Marine Monuments To Commercial Fishing

Seattle Times: Audit finds 70 percent of B.C. fish-processing plants do not comply with environmental regulations

Press Democrat: Online watch group helps recover stolen bikes in Sonoma County

Press Democrat: Cameras could help Sonoma County fight wildfires starting this fall

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