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Saturday, Oct. 13

San Jose Mercury: Watch: Truck tips over on curvy Northern California road

SF Chronicle: 300th nutria killed in California as officials worry giant swamp rats are spreading into the delta

Friday, Oct. 12

BBC: The World's Second Biggest City Running Out Of Water

Press Democrat: 'It’s a magical time': Pot growing under the sun lucrative for local farmers

Business Insider: 'DEAR MR. PRESIDENT': One marijuana company has a bold strategy to save American cannabis producers from getting left in Canada's wake

The Guardian: Low-emission cows: farming responds to climate warning

SF Chronicle: Beloved drink brands 'trashing planet on massive scale"

Thursday, Oct. 11

The Atlantic: The Little College Where Tuition Is Free and Every Student Is Given a Job

NY Post: Catch and release? Might as well just kill the fish

The Oregonian: Congress passes mandate that Trump administration complete village for Northwest tribes

The Guardian: Kombucha: can the fermented drink compete with beer at the bar?

The Guardian: Sinking Santa Cruz: climate change threatens famed California beach town

The Guardian: Victims of Hurricane Michael voted for climate deniers

Wednesday, Oct. 10

LA Times: Judge to order new trial in Roundup case where jury awarded $289 million to cancer-stricken man

LA Times: Curtailing California's inheritance tax break would raise billions of dollars in property taxes, new analysis finds

LA Times: Trump administration waives environmental laws to build border wall


Washington Post: ‘A Scary Time’: A Texas woman’s catchy YouTube song mocks Trump and goes viral

Live Science: Lost Chain of Underwater Volcanoes Is a Massive Whale Superhighway

Earther: Geoengineering Is Inevitable

Press Democrat: 800-pound hammer stolen from Healdsburg’s community center

The Guardian: Judge dismisses charges against climate activists who tried to shut down pipelines

The Guardian: More than 4,000 mentally ill inmates held in solitary in US - report

LA Times: Following California, pot legalization campaigns across the U.S. aim to throw out old convictions

Tuesday, Oct. 9

The Guardian: California's first robot farm replaces humans with 'incredibly intelligent' machines

Monday, Oct. 8

Press Democrat: GranFondo draws thousands of cyclists to Sonoma County

The Guardian: 'The world is against them': new era of cancer lawsuits threaten Monsanto

The Guardian: We have 12 years to limit climate change catastrophe, warns UN

Sunday, Oct. 7

Rolling Stone: Congress Is Getting Frustrated With the White House’s Pot Policy

Del Norte Triplicate: Crescent City hunter found dead in Siskiyou

NY Times: I'm Just a Middle-Aged House Dad Addicted to Pot

LA Times: California’s senior population is growing faster than any other age group. How the next governor responds is crucial

Saturday, Oct. 6

The Guardian: How the mushroom dream of a ‘long-haired hippie’ could help save the world’s bees

The Guardian: 'A prisoner of environment': is it time to leave the American west?

Friday, Oct. 5

Hollywood Reporter: Camille Paglia: The Rise of "Strangely Unsexy" Instagram Exhibitionism — And Why It Hurts Women

NY Times: A frenzy for sea cucumbers has brought their populations near collapse in the waters off the Yucatán Peninsula

The Guardian: Mormon church backs deal to legalize medical marijuana in Utah

Press Democrat: 1,000 wild horses to be rounded up in Northern California

Rolling Stone: Big Tobacco Is Already Eyeing Pot

NY Post: Gubernatorial candidate arrested with 48 pounds of pot: cops

Washington Post: Child brides in America: 248,000 married young between 2000-2010

WAYZ: $40 million cannabis park to open near Detroit

Del Norte Triplicate: $800,000 grant to help Native American students

Huffington Post: Federal Prison In California Faces Multiple Investigations Over Dangerous Conditions

The Guardian: Fish dwindle in the traditionally rich waters of Tanzania

The Guardian: Huge rise in US plastic waste shipments to poor countries following China ban

The Guardian: WTF: US plan to genetically alter crops via insects feared to be biological war plan

Washington Post: Inequality is worse than we know. The super-rich really do avoid a lot of taxes.

NY Daily News: Meet the septuagenarian pot queen of Manhattan

SF Chronicle: 'SnapCrap' app invites San Francisco residents to report poop on city streets

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