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The Atlantic: This Is What Life Without Retirement Savings Looks Like

Fatherly: What I’ve Learned From Running a Marijuana Dispensary With My Kids

National Geographic: America's Most Toxic Town Is Not Where You Think

NY Times: What Poisons Are In Your Body?

Press Democrat: Police bust hash oil lab in Lakeport

Seattle Times: Report: Washington state home to one of the largest cells of notorious white supremacist group

The Oregonian: Oregon man accused of using fake boulders for $1 million marijuana shipment

San Jose Mercury: Unless you’re a citizen, legal marijuana employment may not be for you

SF Chronicle: Statue of President McKinley to be removed from Arcata town square


Green Market: BUSINESSCULTIVATION Is California's Cannabis Market On The Verge Of A Crisis?

Sacramento Bee: More logging won’t make California forests healthier

Press Democrat: Who grows your pot? Petaluma startup seeks cannabis labels

NY Post: Americans are working more hours to make up for low wages

SF Chronicle: Fun! Swings are popping up around San Francisco

Thursday, Feb. 22

The Oregonian: Mini-mart owner who shunned woman with service dogs must pay $60,000, Appeals Court says

San Jose Mercury: Martins Beach: Bay Area billionaire takes access case to U.S. Supreme Court

SF Chronicle: Frustrated Trump ponders pulling immigration officials out of California

CNBC: California agriculture sees 'chilling, damaging effect' from wave of immigration audits

Washington Post: Administration takes its first big step toward stricter work requirements for food stamps

UK Independent: 276 lawmakers who 'take NRA money and block gun control' named in massive NY Times ad

National Geographic: Some of the World's Biggest Lakes Are Drying Up. Here's Why.

NY Times: Trump’s Pick to Lead Indian Health Service Withdraws Nomination

The Oregonian: Oregon has prominent place on Southern Poverty Law Center's new list of U.S. hate groups

LA Times: Mexican authorities find illegal avocado plantations in monarch butterfly reserve

Huffington Post: At Last, We May Get Our First Native American Woman In Congress

Wednesday, Feb. 21


The Nation: Postal-Service Workers Are Shouldering the Burden for Amazon

Washington Post: Arctic temperatures soar 45 degrees above normal

Washington Post: As companies reveal gigantic CEO-to-worker pay ratios, some worry how low-paid workers might take the news

Leafly: POLITICS Oregon Officials Struggle to ID Which Cannabis Grows Are Legal

San Jose Mercury: Will California use its budget surplus to house the homeless?

Seattle Times: See how Mount Rainier glaciers have vanished over time, with this eye-opening photo project

Balkan Insight: Montenegrins Spy Gold on California’s Cannabis Farms

NY Magazine: Opiates: The Poison We Pick

Think Progress: The NRA is being supported by these companies

ABC News: Cannabis lab struggles to find home in Bay Area

Leafly: Al Harrington’s ‘The Concept of Cannabis’ Documentary

The Guardian: Land fight could grant thousands of indigenous Americans new rights in Canada

The Guardian: 'Dirty meat': Shocking hygiene failings discovered in US pig and chicken plants

The Oregonian: Albertsons, which already owns Safeway, buys Rite Aid

LA Times: As homeless camps explode in L.A. suburbs, residents fear they will become permanent

Tuesday, Feb. 20

Washington Post: Attention seniors, Trump’s budget is coming for your Medicare benefits

SF Chronicle: California pot growers lagging in getting licenses

SF Chronicle: Swarm of earthquakes continue to shake Mount Diablo, East Bay

The Guardian: Netherlands becoming a narco-state, warn Dutch police

The Guardian: Newborn survival rates in US only slightly better than in Sri Lanka

The Guardian: 'Sloppy and careless': courts call out Trump blitzkrieg on environmental rules

Monday, Feb. 19

Hakai Magazine: Hawai‘i’s Last Outlaw Hippies - Squatters in Kaua‘i

NY Times: Homelessness, Step By Step

Nautilus: Timber: The Case for Making Cities Out of Wood

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