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The Guardian: Nobel laureates dismiss fears about genetically modified foods

Politico: How Atlanta Is Turning Ex-Cons Into Urban Farmers

Washington Post: At NPR, an army of temps resents a workplace full of anxiety and insecurity

NY Times: Your Tax Dollars Help Starve Children

NY Times: A ‘Honking-Big’ Cave in Canada Lures Geologists to Its Mouth

NY Daily News: Butterfly sanctuary along Rio Grande expected to be plowed over for President Trump's border wall

NY Post: How this elderly gardener became El Chapo’s most unlikely partner

The Oregonian: Wisdom teeth painkillers can lead to opioid abuse for higher percentage than realized, study finds

The Oregonian: FDA issues recall for dry dog food products from 9 brands

Press Democrat: 60 pregnant goats stolen from Morgan Hill farm in elaborate heist

Ukiah Daily Journal: Mendocino County Board of Supervisors to discuss changes to cannabis ordinances

Huffington Post: Sea Lion Found Dead From Gunshot Wounds In Pt. Reyes National Seashore

Seattle Times: Costco tightens standards for antibiotics use by meat producers

LA Times: Millions of California voters saw same-party races on November's ballot and left the space blank

The Guardian: 'We live in a lobstocracy': Maine town is feeling the effects of climate change

The Guardian: How billions of discarded juice boxes cover Vietnam's beaches and towns

SF Chronicle: Huge Pacific Garbage Patch cleanup device running into problems

Friday, Nov. 30

Washington Post: How frogs helped bring much-needed unanimity to the Supreme Court

Thursday, Nov. 29

NY Daily News: Flooding hits Northern California area scarred by wildfire

California Sunday Magazine: The 7,000-Mile Hike: livng on foot

BBC: The 96-year-old painter who saved a village with art

BBC: Reggae music to be protected by the UN

Medium: The Hidden Struggle to Save the Coffee Industry From Disaster

The Guardian: 'Diabolical' diets: four in 10 children consume sugary drinks daily

The Guardian: Why are more Americans than ever dying from drug overdoses?

Huffington Post: Al Gore Torches Donald Trump: He ‘Is Now The Face Of Climate Denial’ Around The World

Washington Post: 'They got me. I’m afraid’: Swastikas spray-painted on a Jewish professor’s office at Columbia

The Oregonian: Older drivers take ‘concerning’ number of drugs yet still drive, AAA study says

The Oregonian: U.S. suicides surge, drive down life expectancy

SF Chronicle: San Francisco’s Angler is named the best new restaurant in the country

SF Chronicle: A eulogy for Humboldt's Danniel, the very tall cow, who did not get the viral fame he deserved

Wednesday, Nov. 28

MotherBoard: Ancient Viruses Are Probably Why Weed Has THC and CBD

The Nation: The Pentagon’s Massive Accounting Fraud Exposed

NY Times: How Pollution Can Hurt the Health of the Economy

NY Times: How a Push to Legalize Pot in N.J. Became a Debate on Race and Fairness

Washington Post: SpongeBob’s incredible journey from ‘Bob the Sponge’ in a marine institute’s comic book to global stardom

Washington Post: Ammon Bundy breaks with Trump on anti-migrant rhetoric: ‘It’s all fear-based’

The Guardian: Trump officials accused of using deadly wildfires to boost logging

San Jose Mercury: Looking for another way to help Camp Fire victims? You can “adopt” a family

LA Times: In California’s Inland Empire, fewer than half of jobs pay a living wage

Press Democrat: Police break up reclaimed Santa Rosa homeless camp

Press Democrat: Sonoma County pot growers rebound after fires destroyed last year’s crop

Tuesday, Nov. 27

BBC: The two Swedish mums who want people to give up flying for a year

Washington Post: Trump says he is among those who ‘have very high levels of intelligence’ but are not ‘believers’ in climate change

The Atlantic: The Tax-Code Shift That’s Changing Liberal Activism

The Atlantic: America’s Epidemic of Empty Churches

Vox: US farms are going bankrupt at an alarming rate.

Wired: Here's the truth about what you can do to be more climate-friendly

Digg: This Cow Is HUGE

Huffington Post: Trump On Climate Change Report: ‘I Don’t Believe It’

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