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/r/humboldt: HLOC (official Instagram) on Instagram: "Let’s have some fun! Who do you think our Ariel is? Come back soon for the reveal! #humboldtcounty #littlemermaid #thelittlemermaid #eurekacalifornia #arcatacalifornia"

/r/humboldt: Who has the best donuts

/r/humboldt: Funnel cake

/r/humboldt: A Nice Place To Move?

/r/humboldt: Double cloud rainbow - taken from Cal Poly Humboldt Campus

/r/humboldt: What to do about neighbor dumping a rotting mattress on the side of the road

/r/humboldt: Pinball repair

/r/humboldt: Season 2 Premiere (improv comedy)

/r/humboldt: Alternative power companies


/r/humboldt: Your own… personal…. Jesus

/r/humboldt: Cell service near the airport - Visible by Verizon?

/r/humboldt: So a baby ferret just ran across my backyard and out into a neighboring field.

/r/humboldt: Looking for fellow Horror Creatives…

/r/humboldt: Alright r/Humboldt, here it is. Officially the most Humboldt piece of pottery ever made. I call it, The Slong.

/r/humboldt: Pass the word

/r/humboldt: Moving Back! Need Advice 🤔

/r/humboldt: Slow pitch softball leagues

Wednesday, June 12

/r/humboldt: A tech conference attendee left free milk

/r/humboldt: Mack high?

/r/humboldt: Random pictures I’ve taken around the county (though one is in crescent city) over the last few years. I’m aware of the issues we live with but god damn is it nice to live somewhere like this.

/r/humboldt: Any Anglers know what rivers are good to fish for resident trout during the summer?

/r/humboldt: Hiking as a solo female?

/r/humboldt: Nail Salon\Techs in Arcata?

/r/humboldt: More Bruce!

/r/humboldt: Panda🐼 pay in Ukiah.

/r/humboldt: Good local place to buy aluminum for hobby-level aluminum casting?

/r/humboldt: Eureka/Arcata hangouts that are open after 5pm and not a bar?

/r/humboldt: Attraction to Humboldt

/r/humboldt: A Plazoid tried to steal my dog this morning.

/r/humboldt: Verizon/Visible Texting Issues?

/r/humboldt: GPS detection…

/r/humboldt: Any luck with Bougainvilleas up here?

/r/humboldt: Mck Burger King

/r/humboldt: Good place to pick up a trailer load of mulch or soil?

/r/humboldt: Safe (and possibly warm) places to swim right now?

/r/humboldt: Best place to find/buy a used car locally?

/r/humboldt: hair salon reccomendations?

Tuesday, June 11

/r/humboldt: We need Panda Express 🐼🍜

/r/humboldt: Does anybody want Yu-Gi-Oh cards around here?

/r/humboldt: Western Union issues around Eureka?

/r/humboldt: Public running track

/r/humboldt: New buildings?

/r/humboldt: Show this Friday at Outer Space Arcata! Groove-punk, modular synthesis, and spoken-word!

/r/humboldt: Best Internet Service in Arcata

/r/humboldt: To the angry old man…

/r/humboldt: Memorial Ideas

/r/humboldt: Pokemon cards

/r/humboldt: Pet Psychic

/r/humboldt: Looking for a notary

Monday, June 10

/r/humboldt: Board of Supervisors to consider truncated hours for the Planning & Building Department

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