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/r/humboldt: ‘SpongeBob SquarePants’ Renewed for Season 15 at Nickelodeon

/r/humboldt: Lost cat found

/r/humboldt: Found in Humboldt Bay, CA.

/r/humboldt: I just visited you guys in June for the park, fiending to come back. Should I hold off until Spring to see stuff at its peak greenness or is there any fall shit I want to see?

/r/humboldt: Eureka therapist sexually assaulted my friend

/r/humboldt: Local businesses turn out shady?

/r/humboldt: Real Estate Attorney

Thursday, Sept. 28

/r/humboldt: Should Arcata and Mckinleyville merge?

/r/humboldt: Haven’t been to Eureka Forever is banana hut still there?

/r/humboldt: Fur Coats


/r/humboldt: Pumpkin Patches?

/r/humboldt: Where do you guys go to get a simple haircut in Fortuna?

/r/humboldt: Good place to see ducks?

/r/humboldt: any doctors accepting new patients? have blueshield ca

Wednesday, Sept. 27

/r/humboldt: Did your lip fillers from Saffron hurt?

/r/humboldt: Alex Stillman thinks Arcata should merge with McKinleyville…

/r/humboldt: Road cycling

/r/humboldt: Chinese Food

/r/humboldt: Aide to a Victim of Assault

/r/humboldt: What's buzzing by the docks?

/r/humboldt: Dating

/r/humboldt: Public Wireless in Laytonville?

Tuesday, Sept. 26

/r/humboldt: Experience with being a head/lead tenant

/r/humboldt: Moving to Arcata Nov 1st! Housing?

/r/humboldt: Looking for work

/r/humboldt: Visiting Humboldt on Friday… (need recommendations!)

/r/humboldt: Where is a good place to buy high quality watercolor supplies locally? Preferably in the Eureka - McKinleyville range.

/r/humboldt: Notary public

/r/humboldt: Why are there so many houses for sale in Eureka right now?

Monday, Sept. 25

/r/humboldt: Research Finds Increased Heavy Metals Risk for Cannabis Users, Affirms Testing Need

/r/humboldt: Video: How Short term Rentals Kill Cities

/r/humboldt: Incoming Humboldt County Rental Apocalypse

Sunday, Sept. 24

/r/humboldt: Club Ussy

/r/humboldt: Three NorCal Tribes Announce Nation's First Indigenous Ocean Protection Area

/r/humboldt: Good restaurant to take my boyfriend?

/r/humboldt: Why is McK Healthsport not 24/7 anymore?

/r/humboldt: Latest COVID Booster

/r/humboldt: Are you ready for the bomb cyclone?

/r/humboldt: Places to donate baby stuff?

/r/humboldt: Humboldt County activities

/r/humboldt: It’s getting Dark for Farmers….How are Humboldt marijuana farmers fairing currently?

/r/humboldt: LARP?

/r/humboldt: How much do Airbnbs actually make?

/r/humboldt: Coastal Redwood I Drew

Saturday, Sept. 23

/r/humboldt: APD sucks!

/r/humboldt: Where to buy Masa preparada (for tamales)

/r/humboldt: Where to buy Oysters

/r/humboldt: best place to buy vapes?

/r/humboldt: \ Next Saturday // The Secret Society of Silly Things #5

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