Humboldt: Going Down!

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10:02 p.m., todd

The patient was transported to Mad River Hospital by ambulance with CPR in progress. It sounds like there was only the one victim inside the structure

9:51 p.m., todd

A victim was located in the structure fire, CPR is in progress

9:36 p.m., todd

An ambulance is responding to the fire scene as a precaution. PG&E has been requested. Samoa Fire is responding to cover the Arcata district [Unofficial, if you have better coverage of the tactical frequency, go ahead and take it. Command was changed to HUU local tone 10, 8201 had radio issues on north bay]

9:27 p.m., hanksims

Reader-submitted photo:

9:23 p.m., hanksims

[Y’all are the best.]

9:22 p.m., unofficial

[Go ahead and take this one, Todd]

9:21 p.m., unofficial

Arcata Engine 8213 at scene McCallum, reports mobile fully involved request next-in engine lay a line.

9:21 p.m., todd

Arcata Engine 8239 on scene with a well involved structure with heavy fire from all windows. 8239 is setting up for fire attack on tank water, requesting next engine set up a water supply and provide their 2 out; Battalion 8201 is on scene assuming “Alliance IC”

9:20 p.m., unofficial

Arcata residential structure fire, 1300 block of McCallum Circle, Arcata, APD at scene reports possible entrapment inside. For Arcata, Blue Lake, HumBayFire

9:19 p.m., todd

APD is reporting a possible entrapment in the structure fire on McCallum Circle

9:16 p.m., todd

Arcata Residential Structure Fire: 250 Block of McCallum Circle cross of Alliance Rd and 30th in the mobile home park, report of a mobile home on fire; For Arcata Fire all call, Blue Lake Fire, Westhaven Fire, Humboldt Bay Fire on order

4:45 p.m., loco-bot

At 2:46 p.m., Eureka Police Department received a BRANDISHING call for 00 BLOCK OF Block of C ST. Link here.

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