Humboldt: Going Down!

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Going Down @ 1:18 p.m.

Potentially triggering news for local right-leaning readers of mainstream media comics pages. The Times-Standard announced Wednesday it would join scores of newspapers across the country by ceasing to run Dilbert, the ‘90s-era office politics strip that, believe it or not, is still in production!

The decision to stop running Dilbert comes after its creator, Scott Adams, made some remarks on his YouTube channel in which he referred to Black Americans as a “hate group” and suggested that white Americans should “get the hell away from Black people.” 

Adams’ comments were made in response to a poll by a conservative organization that purported to show many African Americans do not think it’s acceptable to be white.

The Times-Standard posted the following statement on its site:

In the wake of controversial and divisive remarks by Dilbert artist Scott Adams, we will no longer carry the strip in our publications.

The Times-Standard believes that communities are strengthened by embracing diversity and striving for unity as opposed to divisiveness and provocation. With these values in mind, we cannot continue to publish Adams’ work for our audience.

Due to the timing of our production schedules, Dilbert will continue to appear in some editions, including this coming Sunday’s papers while the change is implemented.

Going Down @ 10:38 a.m.

Andrew Goff

HUMBOLDT SO COLD: Overnight Temperature at Woodley Island Ties Previous Record Low Set in 1890

No, it wasn’t just you freezing your tuchus off last night. Our local weather watchers at the National Weather Service inform us that the overnight temperature tied the Feb. 28 record for Woodley Island set waaay back in 1890. (Records began being kept in 1890.)


The forecast indicates there is more brr to come. Make the necessary preparations. 

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