Alborosie and The Shengen Clan

Cali’s Finest Productions Presents Alborosie and The Shengen Clan, Woven Roots and Rude Lion Sound!

What happens when a natural born music whiz begins making beats from the cradle? He may start his own band as a teenager, pen consecutive hip-knocking tunes and have his life turn a sharp 180 midstream. Blame it on an elixir of fate, talent, technology and determination, but such is the genesis of Sicilian-born Alberto D’Ascola, a.k.a Alborosie. After forming his own band, The Reggae National Tickets in 1993, (signed to BMG Italia), performing on sold-out tours, selling over 200,000 units and solidifying his international reputation at memorable performances at Sunsplash in 1999 and Sumfest in 2000, the Italian artist with a Reggae pedigree decided to make a move to Jamaica. I get tired and seh the world is big and my country small, so I decide to come to Jamaica, he said. Having worked in Europe since the age of seventeen, Alborosie crossed over to the Reggae capital and didnt look back. It was thanks to a chance meeting with studio owner and international record executive Jon Baker at Port Antonios Geejam in 1999 that led to the next phase of his career. After signing on as an in-house producer and engineer for Geejam Studios, he co-launched Forward Recordings with Baker and continued to collaborate with local and international artists. To date, Alborosie has worked with Mario, Angie Stone, Jewel, Sisqo, No Doubt, Wyclef and Les Nubians. He has also collaborated with All-stars Dean Frazer, Beenie Man, Lutan Fya and a number of other Jamaican artists. Further, he has performed with and produced music for the transglobal soul movement Adelante in 2005, and produced The Singerz album in 2006  a project that featured up-and-coming Jamaica talent and was released on Universal Japan. Most recently, Alborosie was featured on Reggae songbird Etanas track Blessings, as well as Gentlemans much hyped “Celebration.”

The music of Woven Roots harmonizes rich roots reggae and dub styles from the deep wilderness of Humboldt county. Inspiration for the powerful lyrics and beats comes from living close to the earth in the beautiful woodlands of the pacific northwest. Woven Roots is lead by the melodic vocals of Travis B. and backed by the talents of life-long musicians: Gueren(guitar), Eliam(bass), Alex(keyboards),and Tanasa(drums).Both of their current albums are available online on I-tunes and Storms of Change, and Foundation, which includes their new music video entitled Amazon. This young group of musical visionaries are on a quest to create original music using nature as a model of how to maintain the continuity of life on earth. Stepping away from the mainstream path of exploitative and destructive technologies of advanced industrial economies, Woven Roots seeks to use music as a vessel to spread a message of love and understanding for our planets finite resources. With over 60 songs about respect and reciprocity for the natural systems on earth, Woven Roots communicates positive change to achieve environmentally sound methods for providing our basic human needs of food, energy and shelter. Through this truth and wisdom they are using lyrics and sound to spread knowledge of a world free from the fear of ecological apocalypse. Together their hope is for all of us to co evolve toward a better, safer and more prosperous future for our planet.


  • $35 / $30 adv.
  • Ages: 21+

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