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Cosmonauts, The Mother Vines

Blondies Food and Drink

The Cosmonauts from BURGER RECORDS are on their tour west coast tour and will be performing with local band The Mother Vines at BlondiesFood AndDrink Monday December 8th ALL AGES // $5 at the door Doors Open at 9:00 pm Cosmonauts (So Cal) 11:00 pm - 12:00 pm The Mother Vines (Local) 10:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Hailing from the sleepy suburban sprawl of Orange County, California, Cosmonauts forge malcontent drone-pop melodies, delivered with a clangy laser-fuzz backbone. Formed in Summer 2009 by Alexander Ahmadi & Derek Cowart, Cosmonauts offer a glimpse of drug-addled Southern Californian rock n roll in the 21st century. Inspired in equal parts by polo-shirts and MDMA, this four-piece garage-trance outfit has garnered a reputation of amps dialed to ten and lullaby meltdowns with both audiences and contemporaries.

“Swirling, distorted psych, bulldozed along by pounding primitive drums, fuzzed out vocals, all glued together with a heavy spaced out guitar drone. If that ain’t the ingredients for record of the month my name is Prince Bloody William. Imagine if you will the best of THEE OH SEES jamming deep with MOON DUO, with the aid of some sort of retro type drug that only Brace Belden knows the name of and you would almost be right on the money.” —Maximum Rock N Roll

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