Evangenitals, Hollow Down

Moby Dick: or, The Album, The Evangenitals debut with Fluff & Gravy Records, doesn’t come out officially until March 18th. However, lucky patrons who come to see the band at The Eureka Inn’s Palm Lounge on Tuesday March 11th will be able to get their hands on advanced copies of the epic new record, and hear the songs from the album performed live.

The Evangenitals will be joined by local awesomes Hollow Down!

The record itself is a musical swirl of immaculately crafted songs, each interpreting an aspect of Melville’s masterpiece with an approach that tacks between intricate arrangement and the deceptively simple country-inflected tunes for which the band is best known. At times the songs are lushly poetic, at others, coarsely powerful. Joined by such notable guest artists as: folk legend Jim Kweskin (of Jug Band fame), acclaimed avant-garde performer Dorian Wood, and composer Jeremy Zuckerman (‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ and recent #1 iTunes Soundtrack ‘Legend of Korra’), among others, the band has crafted a timeless record that will resonate equally with fans of the classic Melville novel, and those who have yet to discover it.

Asked why she turned to Melville’s novel as the point of departure for her songs, Crockett pointed to the precedent of her adaption of the same material for theater a dozen years earlier. ‘Moby Dick,’ she says, ‘is one of those iconic texts that has a life beyond its pages. People who have never read the book still have an understanding of its themes and its characters. Much like Don Quixote, characters like Captain Ahab and the White Whale transcend literature and enter the realm of the symbolic. Great works of art aren’t satisfied with being passively received; we are meant to engage, challenge, and play with them. The greatness of great literature is in its ability to respond with resiliency to the times, over ages and eons. Without changing a word, they somehow manage to consistently change our lives.’

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