Hocus Pocus (1993)

Sunday, October 24th. Doors/Pre-Show at 5PM. Movie at 6PM. $8. Rated PG. 1hr. 36min. Come celebrate modern/classic cult cinema this October with family and friends new & old. Don’t miss our specially curated pre-show, packed with unique short films, house-made trailers, and much more. Cosplay HIGHLY encouraged!

The COUXP will be running the kitchen. Cash/Card accepted.

Hocus Pocus (1993) In the year 1693, three sisters, Winifred, Mary and Sarah were executed for their practicing witchcraft but not before their living book of spells revealed to them a curse to bring the three back from the dead. 300 years later, teenager Max Dennison is a newcomer to Salem, struggling to adjust after growing up in California.Now, he must spend the evening escorting her door to door for trick or treating while their parents enjoy the town Halloween dance. Max’s efforts to impress a girl lead him to break the curse and bring Sarah, Mary, and Winifred Sanderson back from the dead. From there on out, it’s a non-stop, fun-filled chase as the witches pursue the children, determined to perform their spells before sunrise or else the witches will be gone forever. Max, Dani, and Allison work together to outrun, outwit, and outlast the evil trio and their magical arsenal, with the fate of all the children of Salem hanging in the balance.

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