Malevich, Cross Oceans, KLOD, FHOG

DisBeatCrasher and Rampart Skatepark Presents: Malevich - Grinding Blackened Angst from Atlanta, GA. “Violence towards women in the lyrics and imagery of punk, metal, and other extreme music genres are some of the most ubiquitous, lazy, and toxic attempts to be ‘dark’ found in modern music,” the band says in a joint statement. “Images of sexual assault and gendered violence are framed as an expression of larger rebellion but reflect the normalization of misogyny in a male-dominated genre. As artists and listeners of extreme music we believe we have an obligation to examine ourselves and the music we listen to with a critical ear and do our best to make the music and art we love inclusive and welcoming to women and non-binary people. ‘Trial of Metaphor’ is an expression of our frustrations in both our peers and the art that influenced us; no one’s actions exist in a vacuum.” Local Support From: Cross Oceans CA - Metalcore/Deathcore KLOD - Cosmic Crust Grinders FHOG - Stoner Rock DOORS @ 7:30PM MUSIC @ 8:00PM TICKET INFO: $7 ALL AGES BEER BAR WITH ID

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