Mary Isis: Live at Om Shala


Your presence is cordially invited for an intimate healing music concert with Mary Isis! Join us for an evening of lyrical, transformative, visionary medicine music.



Mary sings her soul songs from the heart and in the spirit of ceremony, with the prayer to awaken, uplift and empower those who listen. She lyrically weaves her poetic expressions of the universal human experience and the mystical and miraculous nature we are all a part of, to inspire Remembrance of true purpose and meaning in Life. Her debut album, “Nectarian” (2013) receives much praise, bringing healing and transformation to many across the globe. She has since released four more albums.



Her vocals are her main instrument, which she usually accompanies with guitar or ukulele. Sometimes she weaves together sound tapestries through the technique of vocal and instrument looping. She performs solo as well as with her full band (The Nectarian Collective). She has also supported many other musicians with her percussion abilities and harmony vocals.



Born in Santa Cruz, California to peace loving parents that honored and nurtured her natural musical abilities, she has been singing since before she could even talk. She began piano lessons at 7, with classical training in the Suzuki Method. At 8 she began singing in schools and at large public events around Santa Cruz as part of the Peace Child Choir ensemble. At twelve her family uprooted and relocated to the Big Island of Hawaii. Motivated by her fascination and love of the natural world she attended University of Hawaii at Hilo and received a BA in Natural Science and Biology, and then began serving in the Education field for over ten years. Thriving in the Puna Community, close to the living and growing earth, her creativity flourished and was nourished by the beauty of the wild and powerful nature around her, especially the ocean. In 2006, after returning from living in Boston for a year, she began producing her own music. For a very detailed account of Mary’s Musical Journey from the very beginning you can read more HERE on her BLOG.



Mary Isis is currently based in Northern California where she produces music, offers sound healing sessions, creates visual art, grows plant medicines, crafts healing botanicals, co-facilitates healing/transformative ceremonies and musical events and continues to mentor young adults.

Saturday, Dec. 9


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