Infected Mushroom

In 2012 it is no secret that electronic dance music (EDM) has become identified as “mainstream” music all over the world. Children of the pop, rock, hip-hop and metal eras are left scratching their heads “how did that happen?” The answer is simple, in the late ‘90s when other bands were focused on writing with analogue sounds, there were two boys in Israel, Amit “Duvdev” Duvdevani and Erez Eisen experimenting on something different using computer sounds, synths and drum machines. Such experimentation not only evolved into forming the band known as “Infected Mushroom,” but one that could claim the title for revolutionizing their own EDM genre called “Psychedelic Trance Music.”

Today, Infected Mushroom has been twice ranked as the world’s “10 Best DJ’s” by the Bible of the Scene (U.K.’s DJ Magazine), the now L.A. based duo have established their self-invented genre among the highest in the scene. One could easily scour pages of the Internet in vain to find the epic level of music history defining the Infected Mushroom “kingdom.” Highlights include: 1999 breakthrough debut album, The Gathering, then fast-forward to 2007–Infected Mushroom’s release of their highest-grossing album Vicious Delicious. Leading onward with high anticipation of their 2009 release, The Legend of the Black Shawrama. The album to include Billboard-chart topping smash hit–Smashing the Opponent (featuring guest vocals by legendary Korn lead singer, Jonathan Davis). 

The explosion of success with Legend of the Black Shawrma, lead to a 3-year tour aligned with inspiration to release their most multi-faceted album to date–Army of Mushrooms. Released in May 2012 on Dim Mak Records, this hit album precisely delivers what Infected Mushroom does best: invents, experiments, flips-up, bends-over, twists-sideways, always keepin’ it real to their EDM roots with added spicy, trippy and psychedelic flavors. Amongst living off the road, Amit and Duvdev sustain inspiration in between shows getting back to the studio working on new material (solo tracks) and another album. They give props up to Skype and Facetime for keeping their families together. The Unveiling tour will be marked with an even bigger psychedelic visual display of insane, mind-bending journey taking “IM” devotees on a trip–through lush mushroom landscapes, Aztec pyramids, underwater world’s and out into the great cosmos … Adoring fans continue congregating all over the world under Infected Mushroom’s stage for one reason: to drop their jaws and lose their mind over experiencing the world’s greatest Psy-Trance band of the decade.


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