Spirit Art Glass

Daily Photo

“The thin mud holds the tracks of multiple vehicles where there should be only hers from this morning. At the gate, fear turns to panic. It is wide open, this gate is never left open. She stops, staring at it she roughly rubs her face with hands that shake and feel like ice. She turns and looks at the frightened faces of her children in the back seat. They are still silent, and looking at her, with worry clear on faces far too young for this. The possibilities roll through her mind.

Has their Father been arrested? She wishes she had been brave enough to look in the vehicles she’d passed. Had they left officers behind still investigating, or loading things up? She needs to know, but doesn’t want the children to see her get arrested. She gets out of the car and opens the back door. “I need you guys to do me a favor O.K.?” they both nod their agreement. She pulls off her watch and hands it to the oldest. An eleven year old who now seems very young and small. “Here take this. I want you guys to sit behind those bushes right there and not make a sound. If I’m not back here in fifteen minutes you run to neighbor Julia’s house & call Grandpa to come get you. All right?”

They nod together with their pale faces and large eyes…”

This is a quote from an eye opening new blog here in Humboldt. Life in the hills of Humboldt can be fragile and beautiful like the locally handblown glass vases of Spirit Art Glass.  This promising new blog catches whispers from our hills and gently expands the delicate tales with life.  SoHumBorn’s few pieces will make your heart ache and tell you much about the marijuana world and the outlaws who live in it—and the brittle reality that can underlie some of the romantic color and the regular day to day routine of the people who grow for a living.

If you read only one new blog this year, make SoHumBorn the one.