March 2022

ROCK HUNT! Northcoast Children’s Services Invites You to Search for Hand-Painted Stones Hidden Around Humboldt and Del Norte

March 2021

Pandemic Parenting: First 5 Humboldt Helps Families Address Stress and Regression In Children Through Online Parent Groups

May 2020

Local Nonprofit Helps Out Struggling Single Moms During the COVID-19 Crisis

December 2019

(VIDEO) Cutten Kid Loses His Mind When He Receives a Christmas Avocado

(VIDEO) Hoopa Family Visiting New York City Featured on the ‘Today Show’

August 2019

Rare, Unopened Nintendo Game Found in Humboldt County Attic Sells for $9,000 at Auction

October 2015

Christmas Tree Hunting Season Opens Next Week: Get Your Permits From the National Forest Service

August 2014

McKinleyville Dad Pulled Over With Daughter on Roof of Car

December 2013

Kneeland is Not Your Winter Wonderland, Punks

October 2013

Trees of Mystery’s Paul Bunyan Isn’t Actually Talking To You, This American Life Reveals

July 2012

Exploring Humboldt with Kids—The Redwood Parks

June 2012

Help Build A Playground In Eureka

May 2012

Ocean Night Update: Accepting Donations in Memory of Heather Bonser-Bishop

March 2012

A Cold Dark Night

February 2012

Little Boy, Little Boy

January 2012

Riding Dirty—An Article about Transporting Medical Marijuana

December 2011

Santa’s Lap

November 2011

Occupy the Ocean?

September 2011

Rhea Hollis—My Sweet (Stubborn) Grandma

May 2010


Mother's Day Memory

To My Mother on Her Birthday: How Your Lilies Pulled Me Under

January 2010

Wonderful World

October 2009

I Married My Uncle

August 2009

Sunshine and Shadow: Two Views of the Marijuana Culture and the Children Raised in it?

July 2009

50 Years

May 2009

Yesterday's Shadows

Tiger Moth in His Hand

All the King's Horses: Part 2

All the King's Horses: Malachi's Accident

April 2009

Boy and Frog

March 2009

Fragile Captive—Hummingbird in Hand

Upclose and Personal

February 2009

The Cat Wants In

Sunrise on an old Home

January 2009

Edged with Light

December 2008

The I-Believe-in-You Ornament

Scenes from a Solstice Swim

Outlaw Life is Fragile

Flamingo Shower at the Eureka Zoo

November 2008

Humboldt: Where the Handouts Come from Surprising Places

We Take What We Can Get

September 2008

I Married My Cousin

Are You Prepared?

Looking at the Bride's Wedding Ring

Grandmother's Gas Stove

August 2008


Dragon Heart Tang Soo Do Demonstrates Family Love

Found Art, Lost Son

Jumping at Three Falls

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