Sunrise, Fog, Snow

Daily Photo

Fog, snow, and sunrise, a beautiful combination.  Though snow is rare, fog and Humboldt belong together.  So much so that a wonderful local cheese—featured in many gourmet magazines—bears the name Humboldt Fog.  Inevitably, a strain of another one of our local products will someday be labeled Humboldt Fog to stand alongside Sour Diesel and OG Kush and other famous marijuana “flavors.

Because the real Humboldt fog wraps my world so often, I try to capture the dreamlike quality it gives to the hills. Here, fog and the first rays of sunlight two days ago created a magic that I’ve tried to freeze and save for you today and in photographs on the last few posts but now a slight warming has sleet and rain licking away at the snow.  The beauty is disappearing but the dangerous road conditions that had two wheel drive vehicles trapped in the mountains is thankfully fading, too.

Though that danger is waning, I’ll bet I’m not the only one remembering the dangerous combination of snow melted by rain that led to the disastrous Sixty-four Flood.

The snow is melting and sunshine is hidden by rain clouds but the low mist throws filmy gray scarfs across the velvet curves of our land.  Through flood, snow, or sun, our Humboldt fog nearly always drifts across some part of the day.