January 2015

[GRAPHIC VIDEO] Anthropogenic Filth Along The Eel River

December 2014

Humboldt County Agriculture, By The (Legal) 2013 Numbers

April 2013

10 Tips on How To Minimize Mosquito Misery

July 2012

Funding Honeydew Firefighters: Roll on the Mattole

January 2012

Dispatch: From the Borderlands

November 2011

Occupy Thanksgiving?

July 2011

Better Internet for Rural Areas?

June 2011

The Last Blackberries of Summer Past

May 2011

Avenue of the Giants for Memorial Day

When Mother's Day Goes Horribly Wrong

April 2011

Easter Candy

Coyote in the Rain

Oh Dear, It Rained Again

Sun Setting

Why I Love Humboldt

Deer at Sunrise

February 2011

Oak Tree at Sunrise

January 2011

Sunset on Green Rock

June 2010

NPR and Humboldt:The Environmental Cost of Growing Pot

May 2010

Mother's Day Memory

Meadows Full of Flowers

To My Mother on Her Birthday: How Your Lilies Pulled Me Under

April 2010

Water Color Rainbow in the Humboldt Hills

Early Morning

March 2010

Indian Warrior

February 2010

Watery Way

Be Still, Let it Touch Us

January 2010


Kidnapped Maurauder

October 2009


September 2009

First Day

August 2009

Catching the Buzz about the Save the Redwoods' Sign

July 2009

Shy Fawn

June 2009

Looking Fawn-dly

Save the Redwoods Puts up Ugly Sign in Salmon Creek

Buckeye in a Rainy Meadow

Walk on the Wild Side with Beef from the Creek

Getting all your Bucks in a Row

May 2009

Yesterday's Shadows

April 2009

Pretty in Pink

Hanging onto Joy

March 2009

Early Morning with Wildflowers

Bird's Eye View

February 2009

Sunrise on an old Home

Pink and Pretty in Time for Valentine's—Milkmaids Bloom

Shop Smart —Shop Dumb

Tiny Country School Needs More Kids

January 2009

The Nikon Naiad's Song:Saved from Drowning by my Camera

Wild Fountain

December 2008

Fog, Snow, Sunrise

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