Looking Back in Time

Almost Daily Photo

You know you’re hooked on blogging when:

1.  Your butt and your large comfy computer chair are the same size and shape (but hey, who cares? Your avatar still looks thin and no one has seen you in person for half a year anyway).

2. Your housekeeping and the aftermath of the Loma Prieta Earthquake can’t be distinguished from each other (but it takes you less than a minute to find the comment you made 4 months ago on another person’s blog—you have the important things in life organized.)

3. You frequently find yourself describing someone you’ve never met in person as “a friend.” (But in Real Life, you have to know someone for at least a year before you would think of describing them the same way.)

4. Your keyboard cracks contain enough crumbs to feed a small army of mice. (Eating lunch at the computer allows you to spend an extra half hour a day online!)

5.  You can’t go to bed at night because “someone is wrong on the internet” and you have to straighten them out (In fact, much of the time, you go to bed only when you wake up in the middle of responding to a post and find you have held a key down long enough to fill half the comment box with “zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”—At that point, a greater power seems to indicate that sleep is needed.)

6. You get on line to pay your bills and three hours later you’re in the middle of a blog post (Whoops, what’s a few late fees between you and your corporations! 8) )


A year ago, I pulled my keyboard in front of me and vowed to write every day.  I haven’t kept that promise (though I have averaged over a post a day—photography helped me cheat a bit)—But, this blog has given me new passions of photography and local politics, let me expand my joy in the natural world around me and opened me to a conversation with people from different mind sets.

Thanks everyone for coming by and sharing a wide ranging conversation with me this past year.

And thanks especially to Max who got me started doing this.

Thanks to Elaine who motivated me to do an Almost Daily photo with her wonderful Daily photos from Willits.