June 2016

Prankster Alters Caltrans Road Sign to Read ‘I Love Smoking Weeeeed’

May 2016

(VIDEO) University Cop Struggles to Detain Cinco de Mayo Rooster Let Loose in HSU Classroom

December 2015

(VIDEO) U-Haul Driver Attempts McDonald’s Drive-Thru, Hits Sign and Roof

May 2015

Cannabis Film Festival to Somehow Be Held On Day That Doesn’t Exist, Says Theater Marquee

January 2015

Sheriff’s Office Has Its Own Coffee Blend, Described as ‘Nutty’ With a ‘Full Body’

September 2014

‘A Neofeminist Deconstruction of Female Identity in the Weed Industry as Expressed in an ‘Underground’ Hip-Hop Video,’ or, ‘Bitches Be Crazy’

November 2013

VERNACULAR BATTLE: The Humboldt Glossary

February 2013

Big Balls and Beefheart: The Guy Fieri Update

Kai and Kimmel: The Humboldt Connection UPDATED

May 2012

Mouse Tales from a Country Gal

February 2012

Lord Waldemort

Field Trip! SF Sketchfest Report for Those Who Like the Funny

January 2012

Get to the Good Stuff Faster

Crab and Trim—Two of Humboldt’s Many Seasons

Dispatch: From the Borderlands

December 2011

Hunting for Christmas

Raining Pot

November 2011

Occupy Thanksgiving?

October 2011

Wildly Inappropriate

New SoHumBorn (Short Short) Story: SoHum Wisdom

Get the Straight DOPE on "PG&E's" Rate Increase

September 2011

Another Stoned Transient in Our Humboldt Parks

Helicopters Hovering Humboldt Say, "We Come in Peace"

Anything Green Helps—God Bless Humboldt and the People Who Hold Signs Along Its Roads

Does This Harvard Study Show Marijuana Smokers were Born Stupid?

August 2011

Man Invests Life Savings in Humboldt Weed

CAMPing in Humboldt? There's a Variety of Garden Spots

May 2011

Bob Doran Meets a Glorious Death (or Two)

Cops Don't Like Spiders and Snakes?

Only at Humboldt Potlucks…

April 2011

Job in Ukiah: Must Have All Or Most Of Your Teeth

Humboldt Drops in the Pot Capital Standings

Have a Hoppy Happy 4/20 Day

Park-ing Restrictions in Garberville

Big Trucks, Little Roads

February 2011

Laughter is the Best Medicine

January 2011

Kick Off 2011 with the Mateel Comedy Cabaret

Grower Gets Into Sticky Situation

December 2010

Landlord Coming To Inspect. How Can I Hide My Indoor Grow?

When My Husband Set Salmon Creek on Fire…

Mateel Serves Up Last Comedy Night of the Year

November 2010

Humboldt, Turkeys of America Thank You

Buy Your Own Grow House for Half a Mil

Humboldt Crabs Take in Trimming

Posted Under the Heading:I Love Humboldt

A Clippers Union

Bartering With Buds.. 'Cause Hey, We Live in Humboldt

A SoHum Story—Stash in the Trash

October 2010

A Little More Humor for Prop. 19

Laundering Bud Money

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