Beers and a signCatching the Buzz about the Save the Redwoods’ Sign

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Not too long ago,  Save the Redwoods League put up a rather large industrial billboard sign at the top of a beautiful, unspoiled ridgetop.  Almost immediately the sign was cut down.  The neighbors lobbied hard for the sign to be removed permanently. (see previous post.)

Weeks have passed with no further developements.  The ridgetop’s have been unsullied except for a sign laying on its back in the grass.  Today, the sign posts were somewhat repaired and the sign re-placed.  At sunset, when a neighbor called to tell me the sign was up again, two bottles of beer snuggled next to the repairs.  Were they an offering to keep someone from removing it again or were they a gift for the remover?

In my opinion, the sign is at odds with the wild and scenic place where it was erected.  For miles in any direction there are no signs at all or only small discrete placards that detract as little as possible from the natural landscape.  Most of the local neighbors are opposed to the sign.  Please let Save the Redwoods know that the sign is at odds with their otherwise important mission to protect the natural world.


Save the Redwoods League

114 Sansome Street, Suite 1200

San Francisco, CA 94104-3823

Telephone: (415) 362-2352

Toll Free: (888) 836-0005

Fax: (415) 362-7017

To me it is sad that, we, as a society, have become so inured to the ugliness of billboards encroaching on our views that one of our most venerable environmental organizations– dedicated to preserving natural beauty– put a large sign up oblivious to the irony and the ugliness! Please help us help them realize what they’ve done.