coworker in pot

Are marijuana growers like the wealthy rabbits in Watership Down whose riches come at the cost of a Farmer’s snare snatching one of them every once in awhile?

Two weeks ago, Sohumborn-an anonymous blogger who writes exciting stories centered around the marijuana culture, Eric Sligh-publisher of Humboldt Grow magazine, and I discussed this and other hot button cannabis related issues.  Local blogger, surfer, and DJ, Jen Savage did an excellent job of guiding and adding to the conversation.


I did.  Like anthropologists, these are fascinating people with hard won insight into a different culture.

Link to KSLG audo interview

The Humboldt Herald previously published a few excerpts but as far as I’m aware today is the first time an audio version has been available.  Thanks Jen and the folks at KSLG!


Photo from Eric Sligh’s magazine, Humboldt Grow.  Look for the 3rd issue.  It just came out and it is full of great photos and some provocative articles.

Note: For those of you who can’t get enough of Sohumborn, another local blog, In Retaliation, has joined us online and the latest piece is a heartfelt rant about losing our favorite fiction writer.