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It was also Allen that discovered Lucy’s body, after he looked through the door of the small cabin where the Native American lived with two of her three small children. He described seeing her blood “running on the floor.” According to Hill, the body was covered up and “the children were in bed with the corpse.”

This is an excerpt from a new blog focusing on Humboldt History.  The author, Lynette—married to a local Native American descendant, became fascinated when she was doing some research on her husband’s ancestors in the Humboldt Co. Courthouse and found the story of Lucy.  Her interest  became an obsession when she moved into her new house only to find that the walls of her new attic study were covered with old newspapers one of which was the obituary of Lucy’s son.   She explains,

The 1928 article describes Charles as well liked, a wall paper painter.  It also describes his mother’s tragic murder.  Lucy’s murder.  So here I sit, with Lucy’s story above my head.  A gentle reminder to keep at it.  To share her story.

Lynette has transcribed the inquest into Lucy’s death and is passionately researching it and the history of Humboldt and surrounding areas of the time.  Her posts and photos bring the time period to life.  Check out the blog.  If you are a history buff, you’ll be hooked.   And if you aren’t a history buff, you might be drawn into the mystery anyway.  Come help Lynette unravel the past. And be sure and read the first post which points out parallels between then and now.