The county elections department has just published its precinct-by-precinct report for the Nov. 6 general election. We at the Lost Coast Outpost leaped to action and slurped the data into our patented LoCO-Map-O-Matic to get some visuals on the situation.

Check it below: A sea of blue for Barack. Romney wins the Eel River Valley, by and large, along with some Cuttenish areas. C’est tout. Obama rocks everything else, but especially Arcata, downtown Eureka and far NoHum and SoHum. Even ekes out a win in Ferndale!

This map compares the Obama vote to the Romney vote without taking third parties into account. Hover over a precinct for the candidates’ respective showings and the vote total for the precinct. Zoom, pan, etc.

Got a request for any other maps from this election cycle? Dying to know who voted for Prop. 33 and who didn’t? Shoot me a request in the comments and it’s very likely that I can accommodate you.