Proposition 34, which would have abolished the death penalty in California, had interesting results in Humboldt County.

Consider this: Statewide, Prop. 34 was voted down at almost exactly the same rate Prop. 37 was — 48-52 in 34’s case, 48.5-51.5 in 37’s. But while Humboldt County blew out huge in favor of GMO labeling, swimming against the California electorate as a whole, our numbers on capital punishment were pretty well in line with the state’s: 49.3-50.6. 

You’ll see more red on this map than any other in this election. It was the only close state- or federal-level race in the county. Arcata, SoHum and the north coast of the county stay stalwart blue, but Hoopa, Fortuna and much of Eureka and McKinleyville go red.

What does it mean? I don’t know. Prop. 34 map follows.