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The Humboldt County Anti-Frankenfood Election Map

Proposition 37 — the Nov. 2012 ballot initiative that would have required labeling of genetically modified food products — tanked at the polls. When all was said and done, Leftifornia could only muster 48.5 percent for a simple “Let’s Just At Least Label The Weird Stuff” measure.

Not so Humboldt! We went gaga for 37, with two of us giving a thumbs-up for every one of us thumbing-down. Five precincts total voted against Prop. 37 (out of 129). All of the “no” precincts were in the Fortuna/Eel River Valley area, and some of them were by surprisingly small margins. Hell, even the most conservative precinct in the county narrowly voted in favor — despite ringing up the biggest Romney victory in Humboldt! Go figure.

Prop. 37 map below.




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