Southern Humboldt’s Dimmick Ranch was scheduled to be sold at a foreclosure auction on the courthouse steps this morning. But the sale was forestalled by the ranch’s owner, Tom Dimmick, co-general on one side of the great SoHum Reggae Wars, as he filed for bankruptcy in an Oregon federal court yesterday.

Dimmick’s bankruptcy petition can be found here. Curious: Though the bankruptcy covers Reggae Rising and Dimmick Ranch LLC, in addition to Dimmick as an individual, it estimates that there exist only between one and 49 creditors who are about to get stiffed. One of them is sure to be Redwood Capital Bank, which lent Dimmick $1 million back when he was trying to develop the ranch into a concert venue. But it would not seem to include the many people who bought advance tickets for Reggae Rising 2010, only to fight unsuccessfully for refunds when the festival was canceled.

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