Statistics tell us that every single one of you knows and loves “BOOKED,” our daily rundown of persons who, for whatever reason, find themselves passing through the Humboldt County Jail.

Well, say hello to “JUDGED“! It’s kinda like BOOKED … on lawyer-roids!

JUDGED is your daily Humboldt County Superior Court docket done up in a much more user-friendly fashion. You can filter ‘n’ sort by case type, courtroom, time, etc., etc. Who’s suing who today? Who’s coming up on charges? This thing here lets you know in the most painless way possible. And you can scroll back and forth in time to particular calendars, if you so desire.

As always, part of the point here is to gather and archive useful data. What is the average daily caseload of a Humboldt County criminal court? How long does it take an average civil case to move through the system? After a year or so, we should start seeing answers.

The grand goal, of course, is to link the BOOKED and JUDGED data together, along with some other items that remain to be gotten. If we can pull that off, we can follow cases along to conclusion and gather useful statistics about the administration of criminal justice in Humboldt County. What percentage of burglary arrests end in plea deals? What percentage of weed cases are dropped entirely? What percentage of trials for violent crime end in convictions? This would be good to know.

That’s all in the future. In the meantime, check out JUDGED, and if you have any feature requests or the like please feel free to pass them along. Especially if you’re a legal professional.