A large bust is happening in the Larabee subdivision of Blocksburg right now. At about 8 A.M this morning a convey of sheriff’s vehicles headed into the area. They went to two places.  One small, that appears to be collateral damage to their real target. At the place there was a warrant for there were “Thousands of plants,” claims an anonymous source who added, “I’m kind of glad in a way. These guys were kind of scary.  Rumor is they are part of an out of country cartel. They were putting everyone in danger.” The source added that there are already several people in cuffs.

Lt. Steve Knight of the Humboldt Co. Sheriff’s Department said, “..[W]e have several officers out there serving a search warrant… They intend to be out there for a long time, lots of work.” He said that he hopes to have more details tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Blocksburg residents are torn.  They weren’t happy with the large grow (as another anonymous source explained, “[The growers there] had water trucks coming constantly) but a convoy of sheriff vehicles this time of year “scared the hell out of everybody on the ranch.”