UPDATE 5/1/13: NoHumGo ahead and change your radio presets from 104.3 FM to 104.7!

Since the 104.7 transmitter move is mostly complete, NoHum is now basking under the warm freeform glow of a signal that is basically 100 times more powerful. Later this year, 104.3 will move to the Eel River Valley for our Fortuna and Ferndale listeners. 

UPDATE 4/27/13: Full power testing is done for now.  The new 104.7 is back at low power (45 watts) for now. Pending final word from the FCC, the new signal will be up at 24,000 watts we hope by early next week. Note: Listeners in the Eel River Valley, expect a boost to your signal late this summer as the 104.3 translator moves to Bunker Hill which will provide a clear signal for Ferndale, Fortuna, Scotia and Rio Del. Thanks for your patience during this transition.

UPDATE 4/26//13: WE NEED YOUR HELP AT 11AM. We’ll have our transmitter up at full power for testing today, hopefully at 11am. If you can check it for us and leave your feedback in the comments, we can and will use that information for fine-tuning the antenna. It’s black magic, but we can’t do it without your help!


UPDATE 4/25/13: The antenna is installed and today the signal from the KHUM studio is getting routed to Kneeland. Tomorrow, specialists will test the signal’s output for FCC compliance. 

UPDATE 4/22/13: We’re told that the engineers will start moving the antenna up the tower today. There’s a chance that they won’t be able to turn it up to full-blast until next week, but the new 104.7 may go live tomorrow. 

UPDATE: 4/18/13: Engineers have begun. Farewell, FM listeners in Willits! We’ll see you online at KHUM.com. Humboldt: check 104.7 next week. We expect it to be back up by Tuesday or Wednesday. -MD


Listeners in northern Humboldt county are about to have an easier time picking up KHUM.

Most of KHUM’s radio listeners pick it up via 104.3 FM, emanating from a 250 watt transmitter atop Kneeland. Next week, 104.7 should broadcast from Kneeland at 24,000 watts. 

What this means, in real talk: As early as next Tuesday, 104.7 is going to be crystal clear in NoHum.  104.7 will go off-air for several days during the move. When it comes back it’ll blanket NoHum like never before.

This map shows the places where you should soon be able to receive a strong, stereo signal. You should be able to pick it up beyond the circle, perhaps not in stereo. In fact, KHUM could appear in Brookings, Oregon. Our current 104.3 decays at about Westhaven to the north, Blue Lake to the east, and College of the Redwoods to the south. 

Later this year, the 104.3 transmitter will move from from Kneeland to Ferndale. As a result, KHUM will come in clearer than ever in the lower Eel River Valley. 

Unfortunately, KHUM will no longer reach places like Pt. Arena or Laytonville, but we encourage those listeners to use KHUM’s stream. Conversely, NoHum listeners who stream KHUM due to scratchy radio reception should now get 104.7 pretty much everywhere in NoHum. (Also, listening to KHUM on FM saves bandwidth costs.) KHUM should still reach Garberville and Redway, but the fringes of any signal contour will be site-specific. 

We thank you for your understanding and wish the engineers a safe and speedy transition. Stay tuned to KHUM for details.