LoCO strives to get important information to its readers when they need it.  Yesterday, we posted an article with a synopsis of a very small part of the new booklet called, “Best Management Practices — Northern California Farmers Guide” which offers ways for marijuana growers and other farmers to protect the environment.  We promised to provide more articles about the subject.  But today, we deliver even more than we said we would.  We are offering our readers the entire booklet.  Below the fold is the whole work open on the internet for you to access whenever you want. In addition, Redheaded Blackbelt, our sister blog, will maintain a link on its homepage for easy access.

See below the fold for this unique booklet advising all kinds of growers, especially marijuana growers, on how to protect the environment. The booklet will be available in print as well at local stores as well as many of the local environmental groups. 

In the interest of full disclosure, note that Kym Kemp, one of LoCO’s reporters, is a founding member of Grow It in the Sun, an organization that supported the printing of the booklet. Contributions towards printing can be donated to: Southern Humboldt Community Credit Union, “Grow It in the Sun”, Account #15031