Today, Humboldt County Deputy Coroner Trevor Enright will be searching for answers on the body found floating at Shelter Cove Friday morning. As of 8:45 A.M. Monday, no missing person report matched the appearance of the man discovered by Brandon Centeno and his partner [, Josh Ramsay, ] who were trolling for salmon when they found the body near the Red Whistle Buoy. 

Enright describes the body as that of a white male aged 35-55, 5’ 4”, 125 lbs, with a slight build, no tattoos, “no scarring, and not many teeth.”  Enright said the man looked to have been unshaven for days prior to his death. He had gray and brown stubbly beard and brown hair. He also appeared to have brown eyes but that is indeterminate at this time because water may affect appearance.

There is hope that fingerprints could be used to find out the identity but that too may be difficult to obtain.

The body, Enright said, may have been in the water for up to a week but quite likely only two to three days.