Kevin Hoover: “It’s a huge story.” And he’s right.

If you haven’t read his piece yet in the Mad River Union, go do it right now. Then listen to the KHUM interview below, in which MRU reporter Kevin Hoover talks about what looks like a massive reduction in large-scale grow houses in Arcata. 

Hoover On Grow Tax

The newly implemented Measure I levies a 45 percent surcharge on residences that use, effectively, a supermarket’s worth of power. PG&E’s data showed that Arcata had over 600 houses that met the criteria. Now that the tax bill is due, only 96 households meet the criteria.

While this does lead to tax revenue falling far short of the predictions presented to voters, the stated goal of reducing indoor growing in Arcata appears to be met.  

Hoover told KHUM that the growers may have relocated — to West End Road, say, or up to McKinleyville.

“I don’t really know why they have to be located in Arcata. It seems like a pretty high-risk place to be growing. APD has this whole special services unit which is devoted to grow houses and they take ‘em out with disturbing regularity.

You must have nards of steel to do that because cops are gonna come busting into your house.”