Because of what Officer Mike Phillips of the Garberville CHP office described as an “overwhelming odor,” a local man, Chester Walden Clark was pulled over on Old Briceland Rd. south of Old Summerville Creek Rd. yesterday and eventually arrested at 12:38 P.M.

According to Phillips, a CHP officer was responding to the report of a collision which could not be found. The officer was driving with his window down and, while passing a truck pulling a trailer in the other direction, was struck by the aroma of marijuana.  After stopping the other vehicle, the officer discovered multiple storage containers in the trailer which contained partially processed marijuana.  These “branches” of marijuana, Phillips explained, weighed approximately 60 pounds.

Clark was booked into the Humboldt Co. jail yesterday.  According to Phillips, he was charged with cultivation, with intent of sales, possession, and transportation.


Hat tip to the Times Standard.