In a surprise move, last night the Eureka City Council abruptly pulled from its agenda an item that would have questioned Mayor Frank Jager’s vote to send Arcata City Councilmember Alex Stillman to the board of directors of the North Coast Railroad Authority.

“I think [Eureka councilmembers] Mike Newman and Marian Brady were satisfied with my understanding about rails-to-trails and where I come from, and my practicality,” Stillman told the Lost Coast Outpost in a voicemail message, adding that she had correspondence with members of the Eureka council on the subject before last night’s meeting.

The matter could still be reexamined at a meeting of the Mayor’s City Selection Committee next month. The committee, which is made up of the mayors of the county’s seven incorporated cities, is the organization that chose Stillman as its representative to the NCRA board in May. But it seems likely that absent pressure from Eureka, the recall-Stillman effort will likely fizzle out.