Yeah! What’s your beef with E-town, man?

I ask because you are clearly not serious about your county seat’s future success since you have not bothered to make a few simple clicks that could totally beautify the town.

(… unless you already have, in which case, good on you.)

To catch you up, Eureka is one of 100 or so towns in the U.S. and Canada who’ve been selected as finalists in a “main street” revitalization promotion by Benjamin Moore Paints. The pitch? Twenty communities will be selected for fresh, new B. Moore paint job. All you — and all your neighbors — have to do is click, click, click! And then click again!

Seems low commitment enough. We should do this, right? So head on over to and click on California on the big, blue map. (If you don’t know which one California is see the nearby image.) Then click on “Eureka.” (Not “Gilroy.” They smell.) There! Now you’ve done your civic duty for the day! Yay!

Oh, one more thing — and this is important. What you just did? You have to do that ONCE A DAY, EVERY DAY UNTIL JUNE 30. If you need to be inspired further click on the little video below that will remind you that “Where we come from … matters.”

Let’s paint Eureka, Humboldt! Click on!