Hey, the last couple of weeks have been pretty busy, right? Very busy. Too busy, maybe. So let’s just take days like today, when absolutely nothing is going on, as the blessings they are.

So here’s something to read in the meanwhile: Tweets geotagged to within the Humboldt County borders, updated in real time. The li’l window below will pick up every tweet tweeted as it is twut, and if it’s from here it’ll be popped up in your browser automatically-like. Let’s see what’s on our neighbors’ minds!

When I made this thing a couple of weeks ago, I thought, hey, interesting! We’ll get to read the thoughts and witticisms of the Humboldt County intelligentsia as it happens. We can see what visitors to our area are enjoying. It’ll be like a great big cocktail party!

But then we quickly discovered that pretty much only teenagers leave their geolocation on. (Which, you know what, parents? You might want to have a little talk with your kids about that.) The only truly interesting things I’ve seen breeze across my screen so far are the Great McKinleyville High School Disco Inferno and some dude tweeting about his grow scene at his grow scene. Also there was some out-of-town dude tweeting from a party boat offshore, which was cool.

Tweets below! Leave your window open for real-time updates, or come back later for a new set!