Over the last few weeks, your Lost Coast Outpost has enjoyed bringing you our new weekly segment Flatmo’dfeaturing the beer coaster drawings/musings of celebrated local artist/beer enthusiast Duane Flatmo. But here’s something scary; Sometimes when the scribbling stops, Duane keeps going.

So, with the 2013 Kinetic Grand Championship mere days away, Duane dug through his archives and found some concept drawings that ended up as full-fledged kinetic kontraptions.

“It’s fun to see how simple these ideas are on paper and then how complex they end up,” Duane posits. “The most important part of any art is ‘The Idea.’”

We at LoCO, in support of Duane continuing to have ideas, present you the following before-and-after bits of Kinetic nostalgia. See y’all this weekend.