People from Raw TV Ltd., a British television production studio, recently contacted our colleagues at KWPT-FM (“The Point”) with a request for help. They’re putting together a new reality show, and they believe that there might be a Humboldt County resident or two who has what it takes.

This studio is the real deal. They make a whole host of popular reality TV shows, including “Gold Rush” and “Locked Up Abroad.”

Briefly: They’re looking for some badass (and TV-colorful) backwoods professionals to sign on to a three-month job in Siberia. And they’re looking soon. Shooting starts in January. Interested? Listen to the interview that DJ Janet did with the producers a little bit ago, then check down below for contact information.


Good luck, Humboldt County woodsman!

From a message send to The Point by a Raw TV producer:

We are making a new TV series for the Discovery Channel about Sean Van an American logger who has been working in the logging industry for the past 15 years in Siberia. Sean is looking for a highly skilled crew of American loggers to take over to Siberia with him this coming January-April 2014. Sean has managed to secure a contract to harvest and supply trees to a large mill just north of the city of Krasnoyarsk in Siberia. This is a documentary series following both the Logging work and all the associated challenges as well as the experience of Americans living out in Siberia. Sean will remunerate the Loggers with a highly competitive wage, along with expenses and lodgings and they will be filmed taking part in a logging adventure of a lifetime. We are making initial contact with American loggers on behalf of Sean to help him get the best crew together.

I’m reaching out from our New York office but our company is based in London. I was hoping to arrange an interview with someone from your station and our casting producer Gemma Gibbs (currently based in London) to share with the Humboldt County logging community what we are doing. If it is also possible could we also submit this blurb to be read on the air:

A new logging venture is looking for American logging crew members prepared to set out on the adventure of a life time and be filmed doing it for Discovery Channel, shooting from January to April 2014. This will be a paid engagement. If you think you have the necessary experience and what it takes to operate logging equipment, fix mechanical breakdowns or drive trucks in extreme conditions and weather then please send an email with your name and telephone number to: