The F/V Stephanie, a wooden fishing boat built in 1917, is currently sitting abandoned in Humboldt Bay. Let the record show that the Humboldt Bay Maritime Museum is not OK with this. 

Thus, in an attempt to save Steph from a trip to Micky Dolenz’ Locker, the museum has launched a fundraising campaign — money collected will go toward sprucing up the ol’ girl for all to enjoy. And where are all fundraisers held now? On the internet! If you want to kick in a few clams, click on over to the Save the Historic F/V Stephanie Indiegogo page for donation details, as well as a bunch more history of the ship. Their goal is to raise $10,000 by Nov. 7. 

Turn over a couch cushion or two.

Save the Historic F/V Stephanie Page

Note: An earlier version of this post incorrectly spelled Mr. Dolenz’ first name as “Mickey.” The LoCO regrets the error.