The Outpost‘s Eureka Neighborhood Mapping Project (see explanation here) is only a couple of days old, but y’all have done us proud by creating some truly great cartographic representations of this city. We have 23 maps so far. Some of them are incredibly detailed and useful. Some of them are whimsical and inspiring. Some of them only map out a single neighborhood. Some of them had to be moved into their own separate category.

WE NEED MORE MAPS! Make your own!

But let’s take a tour of the maps people have submitted so far, shall we?

For my money, the clear winner so far is “Eurekan”s just about block-by-block breakdown of the city. But even the level of cartographical detail is outpaced by her/his fair and lovingly crafted description of each subcommunity. Check it out:

(Comment on Eurekan’s map at this link.)

Runners-up (at least according to me): Ten_of_Diamonds, Darla Adams, Born n RaisedArcatan, Eureka Observer, Eureka Dweller, Althea, Christina, Rob in Urek.


Some readers, naturally, have interpreted our instructions a little loosely. That has led to things like “work in progress”s fanciful alternate universe/note from the future/ironic statement:

(Comment on work in progress’s map here.)

…. or Anonymous’ comment on global warming …

(Comment on Anonymous’s map here.)

… or “Ride On”s hard-learned experience.

(Comment on Ride On’s map here.)

Also to be expected were things like “Richard’s” map, submitted earlier today. But we realized at the last minute that we could easily make a whole new project for Richard and his co-humorists, and move his map — the inaugural entry in the Outpost’s brand-new “People Drawing Pictures of Genitalia” project — right on over there. Check it out!

See all Eureka maps here. And make your own!