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Sure, indiscriminate bitching can sometimes scratch an itch. For a moment you feel like the monarch of your own particular world, laying down decrees about how things should be. But the world rarely complies. Stupid world.

But, lo! What have we here? A survey! A chance to gripe to someone who cares! Sign me up!

Whether you think homeless people are symptoms of multifaceted and complex societal ills or merely crime-committing layabouts who need a good shoving onto the next outgoing bus, some good people in Eureka want to hear more.

EPD press release:

The Eureka Police Department is asking community members to fill out this short survey for the City Homeless Improvement Program.

The City Homeless Improvement Program (CHIP), which is comprised of community members, elected officials, and staff from both the City of Eureka and County of Humboldt, have been meeting in recent months to identify and address issues associated with homelessness in our area. Currently, the group is reaching out to business owners, the homeless community, and residents to get a better grasp on the situation. As part of this effort, we need a few minutes of your time to fill out the short survey linked below.

Please keep in mind that with the survey, we are only intending to gather information on a small part of the larger homelessness problem. This survey focuses primarily on crime, with the goal of efficiently directing resources where they will be best utilized. Other attempts are being made to identify programs that may be made available to homeless individuals interested in accepting assistance.

Thank you for taking the time to take this survey.