As you likely know by how, a magnitude 6.1 earthquake struck this morning at about 3:20 AM approximately 6 miles southwest of the town of Napa, in the Bay Area. There are reports of serious damage, especially to some of the older buildings in downtown. As many as 89 people have been reported as injured, 3 critically. As of this posting, there are no reports of any fatalities.

My cousins Zach and Becky Berkowitz have lived in Napa for the past 35 years in a passive solar home on a vineyard. This morning I was able to get through on a land line to check in with them and make sure they were OK. Once their health and non-injured status was confirmed, I asked Becky if she could give me a first hand account of what the quake was like.

The event left their house in a shambles. Broken items everywhere, even their pellet stove moved across the room. There are cracks in the walls and foundation. I recored my conversation with my cousin, which is attached below.