How in the blue hell has LoCO not succumbed to doing an ALS Ice Bucket Challenge post featuring wet Humboldt people? That just makes zero damn sense. Two things LoCO loves: 1) Good causes; 2) Good gimmicks.

Well, we scoured the internet and found a few to make sure we stay a relevant Internet thingy. Now, to all y’all that want to talk about this water-wasting meme being irresponsible because California is in a drought and such, hey, we hear you … but, uh …

… here are local soaking wet local people anyway:

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Who Got Wet: A couple of bartenders from The Palm Lounge, Kelsie Derusha and Keelin Stage.
Who They Challenged: Staffs from The Shanty, The Pearl and The Bar-Fly


Who Got Wet: Humboldt Crabs president Vikki Rossi and board members Jake Martin, Tracy McCormack and Erik Fraser.
Who They Challenged: Crabs coaches Tyson Fisher and Eric Giacone, events coordinator Kylee Chandler, Gordon from the Crabgrass Band, Jackson Kelly Justin Kelly and Michelle Briggs.


Who Got Wet: Three guys we found on YouTube with access to a Caterpillar 988 Wheel Loader. (Little help?)
Who They Challenged: All of us, to be better more daring people. Seriously.
(UPDATE: Well, this one, sadly, was deleted for some reason. Crap.) 


Who Got Wet: Local lawyer and recent District Attorney candidate Allan Dollison.
Who They Challenged: LoCO’s very own Hank Sims (odds seem low, Allan), Humboldt politico Richard Salzman and Jeff Tolcher.

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Do you 1) have an Ice Bucket Challenge video and 2) bleed Humboldt? Well embed it into the comment section below already!