The stunned and sleepy inquiries started pouring into LoCO inboxes shortly after the event, and they show no sign of slowing: At around 5:50 a.m., a huge explosion woke up half the town of McKinleyville far, far earlier than residents had hoped to get out of bed.

Says one Friend O’ the LoCO:

Was wondering if you guys got any other messages about the explosion in mck this morning at 550am….sounded like a thundering explosion followed by a crackling …my wife and I both woke up and she thought it was part of a dream… no dogs barked or anything but it was really loud. We live over by central and Sutter …any follow up would be awesome !

Says another: 

Could you find out about the explosion in McKinleyville at 5:45 this morning? It was crazy big!

Says a third:

Just got woken up by an explosion in Mckinleyville….any other reports? I live in the park ave neighborhood off sutter….it was a good one shook the house a little.

Etc., etc.

We have calls into the relevant authorities to see if they have any intel. This post will be updated if/when we find out anything at all.