Lt. Wayne Hanson of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office  stated this morning that there is “a strong possibility that Miller may have committed suicide.”  Shane Miller, the suspect in the shooting deaths of his wife and two young daughters, had been the subject of a year long manhunt until his remains were found and identified this last week.

Hanson went on to say that the position of the remains indicates that the body had not been moved by water. “It looks like the body was on that spot [since Miller died,]” Hanson explained. The remains were found about a half mile “as the crow flies” from where Miller’s truck had been abandoned in May of 2013,” said Hanson.

He pointed out that there was no way of determining exactly how long Miller had been in that spot. He scoffed at the “T.V. show endings” that can pinpoint exact times of death. “We’ll probably never know if it happened that night or two days after…Even if we had found his remains two weeks later [we would not know.] Hanson confirmed that Miller’s wallet and ID were found in connection with Miller’s remains. 

An autopsy is scheduled for today.