As of 9:40 this morning the National Weather Service updated it’s prediction: As of now, the Eel River at Fernbridge is expected to crest at 26.1 feet by 3am Friday morning.

Original Post:

The National Weather Service has updated it forecast for the Eel River at Ferbridge. Between 1am and 3am on Friday the Eel at Fernbrige is expected to crest at 25.7 feet, that is nearly 6 feet above flood stage. If it reaches that level, it will be among the highest flows in history (see chart at the bottom). Historically when the river reaches that level water washes across highway 211 closing that access into the Ferndale. The CHP’s Matt Harvey says they will keep an eye on it and if conditions become unsafe they will close 211. At this point he said “we will wait and see.” 

In addition to the Eel flooding at Fernbridge, it is also expected to flood at Scotia. Other local rivers expected to flood include The Van Duzen at Bridgeville, the South Fork of the Eel River at Miranda, the Navarro River at Navarro, the Russian River at Hopland, the Napa River at Saint Helena and the Napa at Napa.

Small streams and low lying areas are also expected to have flooding. Any livestock in these areas should be moved to higher ground.