… broadly speaking.

There were four school bond measures on Humboldt County’s ballot last month. Two succeeded and two failed.

Southern Humboldt’s Measure X cruised to an easy victory with over 65 percent of the vote. Only two SoHum precincts — Alderpoint and Shelter Cove — declined to give SoHum Unified the required 55 percent vote it required to take on an additional $10 million in bond debt, but the other, more populous precincts more than made up for it.

The Eureka area’s Measure S — a $49.75 million bond issue — passed by a comfortable but not overwhelming margin, with 57.4 percent of the vote. (Again: 55 percent required for passage.) Check out who voted for S, though, in the map below. Then compare that with yesterday’s maps, which showed how the town voted on city council races and the minimum wage-boosting Measure R. Conclusion: Measure S’s high-profile backers — Supervisors Rex Bohn and Virginia Bass, Mayor Frank Jager — best be thankful that the loony lefties close to downtown showed out for this election.

The Jacoby Creek School District’s modest Measure Y, which asked residents of one of the county’s wealthiest areas for a mere $2.5 million, was one of the closest races in this election cycle. With only 54.5 percent of the district voting yes, the measure just barely failed to received the required supermajority. A total of 1,174 votes were cast; had just six no voters switched to yes, it would have passed. Old Arcata Road residents voted pretty convincingly in favor, but they were outweighed by the tony houses around the Baywood Golf Course and Jacoby Creek Road.

Down in Fortuna, school bonds simply got creamed. Only 44.6 percent of district voters filled in the yes bubble next to Fortuna Elementary’s $9 million Measure W. Tiny precinct 1FS-9 was the only place that showed out for Fortuna Elementary, with 50 votes for an 40 against.

The map of all Nov. 2014 school bond measures is below. Look for the dark black line to distinguish one measure from the other — Jacoby Creek is up top. Eureka beneath that, Fortuna beneath that and SoHum down at the bottom. Light blue precincts just barely gave their respective school bonds the required 55 percent. Light pink ones just barely failed to. Precincts shaded more darkly felt more strongly about the issue.