Hey, you!

Do you hate your job? Do you hate that you don’t have a job?

The Outpost is here to help. Last week we quietly launched LoCO Jobs

For you old-timers: LoCO Jobs is essentially like the only useful section of what you remember as the “classified section” of the “newspaper,” except smarter and less messy. It’s a rundown of local employers who are looking to give people just like you a lot of money (in exchange for your labor). You can enter your email address in the little doohickey on the top of the page. When new jobs are posted you get an email blast telling you about them.

LoCO Jobs is sponsored by Sequoia Personnel Services, a local employment agency, but any local employer can sign on. Want to advertise YOUR job on the Outpost? Shoot a message to our general manager, Tom Newhouse — tomn@khum.com — or give us a ring during business hours: (707) 786-5104.

Job on!